Coaching & Workshops

At Global Public Speaking LLC, we help people give powerful and authentic speeches and presentations.

Helping those afraid of a microphone find their voice.
Helping salespeople speak with authenticity and passion.
Helping diplomats convey their message in a foreign language.
Helping experts explain life-changing developments.
Helping entrepreneurs pitch groundbreaking ideas.
Helping leaders describe their vision for the future.

With a unique methodology that blends the skills of a classically-trained opera singer with years of experience honed in international diplomacy and at the Harvard Kennedy School, Allison Shapira brings 15 years of real-world performance, teaching, and coaching to our work with clients.

We know that a speech is only as powerful as the confidence of the speaker, and we focus on breathing and breath support to help speakers calm their nerves and add power, authority, and presence to their voice. We also tap into Allison’s foreign language experience to develop techniques that work across cultures, across industries, and across age groups.

Wherever you live in the world and whatever you want to say, we can help you find your voice and your courage to speak.

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