Global leaders face immense challenges and responsibilities every day.

Their success and impact depend on their ability to communicate effectively and persuasively.

Their words carry weight and the stakes are high.

When managing a crisis or getting ready to deliver an important speech, their communications team helps them strategize, write remarks, and ensure cohesive messaging.

But who do global leaders rely on to help them inspire action, build a commanding presence, and strengthen their speaking voice?

That’s where Allison Shapira comes in.

Allison specializes in working with the highest echelon of global leadership, including heads of state and senior executives at global corporations. Graduates of her communication course at Harvard University have gone on to run for office and step into senior leadership roles.

She works with leaders 1:1 to define their leadership voice and build their communication skills, ensuring they deliver confident, authentic, and impactful messages.

Allison Shapira dressed professionally smiling at camera
  • Supercharge Your Leadership Communication

    • Lead with Authenticity: Develop your unique voice and speaking style
    • High-Stakes Communication: Calm your nerves and confidently convey your message in high-pressure situations, with or without advanced preparation
    • Inspirational Leadership: Deliver engaging messages that compel others to action

  • Why Work with Allison?

    • Deep Expertise: The world’s most influential leaders develop and elevate their unique voices with Allison’s expert guidance
    • Confidentiality: Highest level of privacy and discretion
    • Personalized Approach: A customized journey to meet each leader’s needs, goals, and level of expertise

  • Ready to Transform Your Leadership Voice?

    Have you ever considered providing your clients with tangible skills that will boost their business growth? Differentiate your business from the competition by sponsoring a high-impact client event with Allison Shapira. She provides an interactive, skill-building presentation with networking for a program your clients will remember for years.

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