Dear Event Professionals,

Thank you for considering me for your next event; I’d love to offer one of my interactive, engaging, musical keynotes and/or present a deep-dive workshop.

As a Certified Virtual Presenter and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), you can rest assured that all my programs are highly engaging and interactive whether virtual or in person.

First, I invite you to watch some of my videos to get a sense of my energy, style, and content.

Then, read testimonials to see how thrilled audiences and meeting professionals have been with my past programs.

Finally, please contact me, so I can learn more about your event and create a customized program that meets your event’s theme and goals.

Good luck with what I know is a very intense planning process! Thank you for everything you do.


Allison Shapira


Allison's Keynote and Presentation Topics

  • Speak With Impact

    Allison Shapira shares three key strategies that will transform how you communicate every single day, based on her bestselling book, Speak with Impact: How to Command the Room and Influence Others (HarperCollins Leadership).

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  • Speak With Impact – A Program for Women

    Allison Shapira provides tools to help women through the specific challenges they face worldwide and reveals strategies to bring out their authentic, confident speaking style.

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  • Build Your Executive Presence

    Allison Shapira reveals critical components to sharpen your executive presence. She provides strategies to build your presence and tools you can use to develop the presence of others on your team.

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  • Master Impromptu Speaking

    What holds you back from speaking up in a meeting or answering difficult questions? Allison Shapira teaches a proven framework for speaking off the cuff in your most important professional situations.

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  • Inspire Trust Through Storytelling

    Stories are more memorable and engaging than facts alone. Allison Shapira shows you how to find, craft, and tell personal and professional stories that build trust with your audience.

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  • Lead With Your Voice

    As a leader, your voice matters. Your ability to enter a room with presence and speak in a way that commands your audience’s attention helps you build trust with clients and colleagues and has a direct influence on your leadership trajectory.

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  • AI & Authenticity

    Can artificial intelligence actually make us more authentic? Leadership communication expert Allison Shapira believes that generative AI allows us to tap into our authenticity and supercharge our creativity like never before in a way that is both ethical and value-rich. 

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  • Influencing Without Authority

    One of the most critical challenges we face as professionals is convincing people to take action without having a formal line of authority. Learn how to break down business silos and build partnerships with others. 

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