How do you feel after this session?

  • Your session was the perfect balance of what we needed, when we needed it. You embodied this balance of interactivity and practical content, made us laugh, got us out of our comfort zone – in a comfortable way. It wasn’t just about executive presence; it was about how you present yourself and connect with people every day: both everyday communication, team communication.That’s so important in this hybrid world we’re living in.

    Jeanne Martel, CEO, ClinicalMind
  • Allison provided a fun, impactful and practical presentation to Beacon’s executives, managers and RISE program professionals and one day later I am still smiling because of how successful it was! I continue to receive fantastic feedback as I knew I would and in just two short hours Allison helped to make our company better.

    Pam Alarie, Vice President of Human Resources, Beacon Mutual
  • Allison has the magic to teach you how to transform even a banker’s presentation into a compelling, engaging experience. She has done more for my confidence when speaking in public in just 2 days than all the practice in my 20-year professional career. She has guided me out of the wilderness!

    Market Executive, Multinational Fortune 50 Bank
  • ​​In my 30-year career, Allison Shapira’s executive communication program is the most effective public speaking training I have ever received. She has cracked the code on teaching the skills and presence needed to deliver high impact communication with confidence, purpose, and authenticity.

    Market Executive, Multinational Fortune 50 Bank
  • You knocked it out of the park! This was a discerning audience, and you engaged them with your storytelling, examples, relatability, and professionalism. They were raving about it, which doesn’t happen often! I appreciate the prep calls we had: you tailored the session really well to meet our expectations. I look forward to working with you again soon!

    Molly Flanagan, Director and Chief of Staff to the Chief Legal Officer, Procter & Gamble
  • I wished I had met her years ago. She prods us to ask tough questions: what do we want to accomplish, who is our audience, why should they listen to us. And then, she makes us critique ourselves and test our messages with the audience. I have seen Shapira at work with a roomful of reserved yet talented young women. At the end of the two-day workshop, she had compelling speeches coming forth.

    Geraldine Laybourne, Media Entrepreneur, First President, Nickelodeon, Co-founder, Oxygen
  • Allison is a dynamic and motivating speaker who is exceptionally talented at conveying tactics for improving public speaking. Her session was wonderful at helping me identify areas on which I can improve and tools I can use to gain comfort speaking to large groups.

    Managing Director, Global Corporate Investment Banking
  • Immediately after the privilege of hearing Allison present on Public Speaking Skills at the NAWBO Women’s Business Conference, I had no fewer than 5 people tell me she’s the best breakout session speaker they’ve ever heard at any conference. Ever. And I thoroughly agree! Can’t wait to read the book!

    Karen Bennetts, Owner, Little Red Bird
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Allison at a recent WIT event in Washington, DC, where she talked about Speaking with Impact. Her passion and energy filled the room as soon as she started to speak. Through her powerful and authentic message, paired with simple yet engaging activities, she explained the key elements of impactful verbal communication and how we can strive to achieve it with understanding and practice. I left the session inspired and empowered; her speech gave me a new perspective. I have no doubt I share this feeling with many others who have heard her speak.

    Debjani Sarkar, Engineering Lead, Nuance
  • I heard Allison speak at an event for women business owners sponsored by Bank of America’s Private Bank. She was amazingly engaging and effective at imparting her wisdom and building our skills, even in such a short period of time. I can see why she is such a huge success; she is an inspiration!

    Laura Adams, Catalyst, X4Health
  • I think of what you taught us every time I step into speaking and listening on a broad stage. I rarely ever want to speak publicly, and I always stop, pause, and breathe. Then I go do it happily calm and collected.

    Lenear Bassett-King, Analyst, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • I am writing to you again to let you know that the public speaking and media training you did were really effective. I got out of my comfort zone, and I interviewed with one of the biggest news channels in South East Asia. I am also sitting on a…panel in Singapore next month. In addition to that, I have been nominated to deliver an opening speech at a…forum in September in New York. I would have never done any of this without your training and encouragement. I just wanted to say thank you.

    Participant from Asia, Vital Voices FORTUNE/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentorship Program
  • It was nothing short of a miracle to work with you in Uganda. Being able to talk about some of the things I have not been able to convey objectively before was groundbreaking for me. For example, I never thought I would find a way to talk to the policymakers…until that pitching session. Thank you so much. It would be wonderful to work with you again.

    Participant from Southern Africa, Vital Voices VVLEAD Fellowship Program
  • Today, it was more than ‘public speaking.’ Allison took us on a new communication journey where she taught us that with passion and authenticity, you can impact the lives of others.

    Marjorie Chorro de Trigueros, Fusades
  • Thank you for your very engaging presentation to our members about public speaking and for your half-day session with me last week. Your skillset is really beneficial to lawyers in the many circumstances we find ourselves as communicators. I find you especially skilled at helping us stop those habits and traits that get in the way of good communication. Our individual session was truly one of my best professional development experiences since coming to the DC Bar from private practice six years ago. I am going to recommend it to other lawyers who do regular public speaking. Speaking with one’s whole body (using my diaphragm) is very challenging, but I can already tell the difference. I am excited to put this technique into use. Anyone who spends time with you cannot help but become better at what they do.

    Daniel Mills, Assistant Director, Practice Management Advisory Services, DC Bar
  • Global Public Speaking LLC & its founder Allison Shapira are more than communications consultants: they are true corporate partners. Allison is a great leader and facilitator of both large and small group sessions. In addition, she takes the time to work with people one-on-one ensuring they have the tools they need to perform and communicate at the highest possible level. Her skills allow her to connect with people in a personal and professional manner that helps her participants to be confident, prepared, and organized in their delivery. I can and do highly recommend Allison for her coaching and workshops.

    Alvin Allgood, Chief Operating Officer, Vital Voices Global Partnership
  • Allison Shapira was the dose of energy and enthusiasm our organization needed. Allison taught our members new and innovative ways of connecting with their audience that has already proven to be useful in the professional and personal lives. We strongly recommend Allison for any audience of any skill level. There is truly something for everyone and each participant leaves energized and more confident.

    Brandon Fureigh, Chief Strategy Officer, Truman National Security Project & Center For National Policy
  • I’m a recovering opera singer …’ What a fabulous self-introduction, and from that moment forward, all the way through to her closing remarks in each training workshop, Allison skillfully commands and navigates the attention of her audience with professionalism, grace, humour, and insight. She provides tips, tools, and tricks that can be immediately applied to almost any public speaking activity. Having observed Allison sharing this expertise with numerous audiences from diverse cultures, sectors, and geographies around the world since we started working with her in 2014, I have witnessed the shyest person in the room, positively squirming in the corner of the room just at the very thought of speaking in front of an audience of trusted colleagues, transform into a confident speaker raising their hand to be the first volunteer to practice their speech.

    Zoë Dean-Smith, Vice President, Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship, Vital Voices Global Partnership
  • I’ve worked in nonprofit marketing/communications for 15+ years, and there is no shortage of people who position themselves as “expert” storytellers. But the people who come to this craft propelled by their own transformative story and a passion for helping people find their own voice are few and far between. Allison is among them. While I only got a snapshot of her approach in our 90-minute session, her own compelling story combined with her welcoming demeanor resulted in a room full of strangers sharing their personal stories and understanding the power of telling them.

    Lori Warren, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, KIPP Foundation
  • Allison Shapira has been a key faculty member in our Executive Education program on Strategic Leadership, and she has been absolutely phenomenal.  The participants in our programs come from all walks of life and all regions of the world, and Allison’s ability to authentically and deeply connect with everyone is truly remarkable.  Her course evaluations are always stellar, and she is described as “insightful, warm, brilliant, engaging, dynamic and inspiring”.  We couldn’t be more pleased with her involvement in this important leadership development program at Harvard and will be delighted to continue having Allison back.

    Rob Wilkinson, Faculty Chair, Strategic Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School
  • I always thought I was a good public speaker but had no idea how much of a diamond in the rough I was until I met Allison. She helped polish my public speaking, but, most importantly, she gave me the confidence to stand tall. Each time I am asked to speak, I think back on the lessons I learned from Allison — from how to breath and relax my body, to letting my passion shine through. Every minute with Allison is worth its weight in gold…It is clear that Allison has a passion for teaching and empowering people. She is an expert at helping people feel comfortable in their own skin, which is the key to winning in all aspects of public speaking. When Allison speaks, we all listen, because every word is full of wisdom. I’m grateful that our lives have crossed paths.

    Participant, Latino Leadership Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to lead the Women’s Initiative in Leadership’s public speaking workshop. The workshop was flawless, and I was so pleased with the discussion you were able to facilitate and the tangible skills and best practices that you left all of the participants with. Excellent public speaking skills are a requisite for any successful leader, so your workshop is a fundamental component of what makes our program worthwhile for everyone involved. Your candidness and capability to teach by example, truly enhanced the tone of the workshop, and I cannot thank you enough for your time and efforts.

    Chair, Women’s Initiative in Leadership, Harvard University Institute of Politics
  • At The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW), we are over the moon about Allison Shapira. On July 11, Bank of America sponsored Allison’s workshop, ‘Speaking with Confidence.’ Her audience was the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) Leadership Development delegation of women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan and Rwanda. Confidence is exactly what came out in these twenty-four initially soft-spoken, sometimes shy business owners. Two days later, observing the women working in teams on the difference between leadership and management, it was difficult to guess which participants were students and who were coaches. Because of Allison’s work with the women, they grew to be more confident and returned to their home countries, buzzing with new ideas! Quite a transformation and a lot of fun too.

    Karel Ford, Director of Operations, Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women
  • You are an amazing teacher. You may have taught for just an hour, but that hour changed my life last year, and I have you to thank you.

    Undergraduate Student, Women’s Initiative in Leadership, Harvard University Institute of Politics
  • Allison Shapira has become not only a master of public speaking but one of the best speech coaches in the U.S.

    David Gergen, CNN Senior Political Analyst, Harvard Kennedy School Professor of Public Service, and former White House Advisor to four presidents
  • These Veterans are walking away with invaluable tools and skills that will ready them to interface with future employers and establish stronger professional relationships.

    Jennifer Kasker, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
  • Poised, powerful, professional…Allison Shapira delivers hard-hitting techniques to make anyone a more effective communicator. She provided me with skills on how to establish an immediate connection and build rapport with a new person. As an Air Force officer who deals with senior leaders and decision-makers, time is of the essence. Ms. Shapira, in her “Elevator Speech” class, gave me useful techniques to engage a senior leader and convey information in a coherent and meaningful way. I am confident that the skills she taught me will make me a more effective communicator and a more focused leader. Thank you for your superior delivery and applicable tools, which will help advance my career in and outside of the military.

    Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force

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